Fundraising: How to Raise Your Response

The response goes way up when you give people a ‘reason why’ you are asking for donations.  And it is best when told in a story.   As children, we were trained to listen to stories.  When you are fundraising and asking people to donate, give them your ‘reason why’ in the form of a story.

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How To Get People To Cooperate With You

A Happy Customer Says:

Had I not come to the event, I would really
have missed something special. I found 
Shar’s concept of giving rather than getting 
to be so inspirational. Everyone I share it 
with has the same reaction. That was a real 
eye opener for me and I find myself thinking
of it many times each day.Kathryn E. Howie, LCSW

NonProfit Tips

How to Write Your ‘About’ Page

People donate to people.  They volunteer for people.  They may join for a ‘reason’ – but you’ll retain membership because of the people.  Don’t limit your ‘About’ page to your non-profit mission.  Use photos and talk about your people.


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