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To Lead Is To Serve Audio Book

To Lead Is To Serve Audio Book


2 Audio CDs

You’ll be inspired and motivated as you listen and learn:

  • How to increase your volunteers.
  • How to increase your donations.
  • How to triple your attendance.
  • Why volunteers quit.
  • Why people say YES.

Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes
Read by the author with an introduction by Mark Davis.

Price: $19.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

DISCOUNTS: We offer a big discount when you buy multiple copies.
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Still the best written book on leading volunteers.  Whether the coach of your kid’s baseball team, the chairperson for next year’s annual gala, or a committee leader for your most important cause, you’ll love “To Lead is to Serve”. For so many of us, the thought of “getting volunteers” is daunting. However, through the experiences and insights of Shar McBee in “To Lead is to Serve” with her creative, yet practical solutions for attracting volunteers and new ways of approaching potential volunteers, we can commit to causes we love with enthusiasm for drawing others to join us. I have used many ideas in this delightful book and continue giving it to colleagues working in non-profits, friends and family members, who always come back to thank me!

Kath, as reviewed on


Best Offer Ever

Joy of Leadership Bundle

Joy of Leadership Training without leaving your office.

Joy of Leadership Training– Increase your donations, triple your members, attract a swarm of enthusiastic volunteers.   Can’t afford to send your whole Board, or top volunteers to a conference?  Bring the conference to them – by conference call.  Make it easier for people to say ‘Yes.”  Conference Call with Shar McBee

Here’s what you get:

  • The heart of this special offer is an interactive, motivational tele-seminar for your whole team with Shar McBee. Personalized to your specific situation.($875 value.)


  • 25 copies of the book To Lead is to Serve ($373.75 Value)
  • 25 copies of the book Joy of Leadership ($448.75 value)  
  • Audio CD  How to Inspire Cooperation ($11.95 value) 
  • Audio CD How to Attract People of Ability ($11.95 value)
  • Audio book on 2 CDs “To Lead is to Serve” ($19.95 value)   
  • FREE shipping.

We live in an age of too much information and too little transformation.  Together, let’s transform your team!

Total value: $1800.00

Your special price: Only $399 

DISCOUNTS: We offer a big discount when you buy multiple copies.
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To read Shar McBee’s Joy of Leadership is an experience consistent with the book’s title. The reading itself is joyful. There is so much that is useful in this book to any human being committed to making something happen in any context. Shar invites the readers to take the insights and guidance into their own lives and to apply them to their own situations and opportunities. It is worth its weight in gold!

Catherine Parrish, as reviewed on

You are on fire when Shar works with your team. She’s incredibly motivating.

Caroline Chahalis, Morgan Stanley Investments, The Callens Group

I believe in your title – To Lead is to Serve.

General Colin Powell


          Shar is remarkable in every way! I have had the pleasure to read her book and get to know her. What an insightful woman. Even after running my own companies for 22 Years I have learned so much from Shar. Her advice is simple and to the point. This quick read will open your eyes to small things to improve your management skills and grow your business easily! 

Wendy Parsons Palmer as reviewed on


To Lead is to Serve

To Lead is to Serve

Increase your volunteers 500%.  Double your donations.  Triple your membership.  It’s easy!

Our membership went from 80 members to over 300 in just a few months using the ‘To Lead is to Serve’ method.”  – Dr. Eugene Callendar, St. James Presbyterian Church, New York City

Unconventional ideas and non-traditional techniques will not take much of your time to implement, and cost almost no money.  But they will make it easy to attract donations, members and volunteers. Guaranteed.Plus the book has some of the greatest stories and success anecdotes you will ever read.

“I heard George Bush quoting Shar McBee on television.  Then my son gave me her book.  To Lead is to Serve is deep, engaging and full of really good stories.” – Liz Carpenter, Assistant to President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson during their White House Years

“Best read of 2012” – Iowa Council on Foundations

“Shar McBee’s basic concept of ‘To Lead is to Serve’ emphasizes that if we expect others to give, we ourselves must set an example of giving.  It’s pretty basic, pretty profound, but it is a concept and thought that has really stood the test of time.”   

President George Bush

“I believe in your title– To Lead is to Serve.”   

General Colin Powell


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DISCOUNTS: We offer a big discount when you buy multiple copies.
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Joy of Leadership


Joy of Leadership

The Only Secret to Your Success as a New Leader

Having trouble getting people to step up and accept leadership positions?  This book will make it easy for people to say YES.  It went to #7 on the Amazon Business Bestseller List.

WARNING: You could have fun following this leadership formula.
You’ll enjoy doing the work!

  • How to be remembered as a good leader.
  • How not to be the big, bad boss.
  • How to attract respect.

This book is hardback with a jacket.
Price includes a downloadable video & manual.

  • You get a FREE Training Manual with this book to help you apply it to your specific situation.
  • You get a FREE Training Video telling how President Carter, the astronauts and others used this method successfully.
  • The video and the manual are downloadable.

Price: $17.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

DISCOUNTS: We offer a big discount when you buy multiple copies.
Call: 917-575-5387

The concept is similar to ‘Ask not what your country can do for you.’  This message is ‘Ask what you can do for your people.’ I loved it.”

Arline Oberst, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Volunteer Soul

“If you are a new leader, Joy of Leadership can save you a great deal of heartache.”

Veronica Tao Chevalier, Director, Shing Kwan Investment Company Limited, Hong Kong

A lot of wisdom put very succinctly.  A little gem!

Congressman Peter W. Rodino, Jr. and Joy Rodino

“Save yourself a lot of grief and read this book!  It will make working with people a breeze.”

Robert G. Allen, New York Times best selling author

In her book, Joy of Leadership, Shar McBee unlocks the essential secrets for deeply meaningful and successful leadership techniques.  It lays the emotional framework that every great leadership text should rest upon.”

Jerome Jessup, President and Chief Creative Officer at Coldwater Creek

“One section had a profound impact on me.  That section was in connection with giving.  Giving a seed.  What a powerful concept.”

Mohammad Marashi, Vice President of Strategic Innovation, Intelsat

Joy of Leadership contains the seeds of something important.  It’s time for senior business officials to listen.”

George Weiss, CEO, Beechtree Capital and Board Member, National Football Foundation

“The book really does address all of the top leadership challenges. The stories are engaging and the lessons clear. The exercise at the end is excellent.”

Kathleen Harkins, Harkins Associates, A National Sales Training and Consulting Firm


How To Get People To Cooperate With You

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Fundraising – How to Ask

Say all that should be said, but not all that could be said.

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