Shar McBee works with Executive Directors and Board Members of non-profits who want to double donations, triple members & increase volunteers 500%.  Shar has been coaching executives since 1989.


I heard George Bush quoting Shar McBee on television.  Then my son gave me her book  To Lead is to Serve which is deep, engaging and full of really good stories.

Liz Carpenter, Assistant to President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson in the White House


Shar’s seminar on the joy of leadership was a gentle, smart, spiritual prod towards reaching one’s full potential. The Women in Standards group is a collection of accomplished professionals in the field of science and technology policy, an area entirely ready for women to assume positions of leadership. We came away thinking of ourselves not as hard-driving women striving against all odds to reach the top, but as women and human beings conscious of a responsibility to help others reach their goals- the mark of a true leader. We were inspired, encouraged, and uplifted. Thank you, Shar, for an evening we will not forget.

Helen Delaney, Washington D.C.

Shar McBee helps you understand things that perhaps you already know, but she shows you how to put them in a new light.

Katherine Sampson


Shar McBee had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of managing 500 volunteers. It was hard to get people to say “Yes.”  Then a wise mentor taught her a secret that made it easy. Since then Shar has taught the secret to over 150,000 people through coaching, keynote speeches and media appearances.


Shar is the author of two bestselling books: To Lead is to Serve which was quoted by the President of the United States on television, and Joy of Leadership which went to #7 on the Amazon Business Bestseller list.

NonProfits use Shar McBee’s leadership method to:

  • Double Donations
  • Triple Memberships
  • Increase Volunteers 500%


Your job is not to get people to work. Your job is to make it possible for them to succeed.” – Shar McBee

Shar has been a motivational speaker for over 20 years. Her keynotes are geared to NonProfit conferences and Leadership for Women. Shar was a school teacher at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and an entertainment reporter for CBS News in Hollywood.  She then left her job and spent 10 years volunteering all around the world.
As a volunteer, Shar built wells in a village in India, organized a concert for homeless children in Australia, raised money for an orphanage in China, and managed a voter registration drive in California. For the last three years she created and organized “Leadership for Women” Conferences which provide scholarships to Chesapeake College.  Shar also created Explore & Explain, a program that gives unique, life-enriching opportunities to children in Maryland. Shar has served on ten Boards of Directors and is a creative fundraiser. Today Shar’s mission is to help good people become joyous leaders.

Shar McBee’s presentations include:

  • How to Get People to Say YES
  • To Lead is to Serve
  • Joy of Leadership
  • Joy of Fundraising
  • To Lead is to Laugh
  • Leadership for Women
  • Shakespeare, Scrooge & the Joy of Leadership
  • Double Your Donations.  Triple Your Members.  Increase Your Volunteers 500%.

For information and booking:  917-575-5387.  Info@JoyofLeadership.com

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