Shar McBee, Non-Profit Leadership since 1989

I help non-profits double their donations.


Non-Profit Leaders:  Is this you?  

“At first it was so exciting, so rewarding.  Now it’s drudgery.” 


Brighten your future.  Make rapid, easy progress.

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  • Are you achieving what you dreamed of achieving when you took your position?

  • Who is stopping you from doing what you dreamed of?

  • Imagine this:  What would it be like to have somebody help rebuild your dream and take you down the yellow brick road to success?


Amazing results have happened for thousands of people with my “To Lead is to Serve” method.  In fact, it is arguably the most effective pathway to success ever created for anyone in nonprofit leadership.


Do You Hate to Ask for Money?


The following results can be yours.  (These comments came from Board Members and Executive Directors who have worked with me.)

  • We tripled our membership in 3 months.

  • I comfortably asked a billionaire to Chair our Board.

  • I doubled donations and did it again for the next two years.

  • We increased our volunteers 500% in 6 months.

  • I feel motivated and energized again.

  • I was afraid of asking for money.  Now I’m experiencing the joy of success.


You can work with me one-on-one.   In 3 months I can teach you how to do it.  In 6 months we can totally transform your experience of fundraising and nonprofit leadership.

CALL ME.  Let’s discuss your situation. 

Maybe we can work together.  917-575-5387



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4 Responses to Shar McBee, Non-Profit Leadership since 1989

  • Evy Cambridge says:

    One of the most motivating people I’ve ever worked with.
    She’s brilliant.

  • Margaret Nicolich says:

    Thanks for the great tips and seminars.

  • Nancy & Tom Nielsen says:

    We heard you speak at the Indiana National Guard and went away refreshed, informed and entertained. The Captain was right. We were fortunate to have you as our keynoter. Thank you.

  • Jane Kendall says:

    In just a brief conversation with you many years ago, you gave me several brilliant ideas. As a result, my fundraising project easily doubled the number of participants and dollar amount of contributions two years in a row! Thank you so much Shar — Jane Kendall, Hilton Head, SC


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Fundraising: How to Raise Your Response

The response goes way up when you give people a ‘reason why’ you are asking for donations.  And it is best when told in a story.   As children, we were trained to listen to stories.  When you are fundraising and asking people to donate, give them your ‘reason why’ in the form of a story.

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